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About International Hospital school of Nursing
The current status of nursing in India is very low. The Existing nurse to population ratio in India is 1:7000, the ideal ratio should be 1:2250.There is a need of approximately three lakh more nurses to meet the deficit in the Indian health care system.

With a deep sense of responsibility to the society as a whole and to reduce the need gap of nurses, the International Hospital a unit of Assam Hospitals Ltd has set up the nursing School in the name and style of “International Hospital School of Nursing “

The school is fully equipped with modern teaching aids, demonstration rooms, and practice material, Audio-visual aids such as anatomy models, charts, over head projector etc. The nursing school is recognized by the Indian Nursing Council. And Assam State Nursing Council.

Aims & Objectives

In pursuance of this philosophy, the aims and objectives of the School are to empower young women that predominantly opt for nursing as a career as well as to provide opportunities for the students to acquire and develop:

A sound theoretical and practical knowledge of Nursing care at basic as well as advanced levels, contributing to the promotive, preventive and restorative aspects of health.
The ability to think and act independently with full responsibilities as a qualified Nurse and as a caring human being.
The confidence for taking up leadership position to assume responsibilities in nursing and to do pioneering work while taking care of one’s own responsibility and professional growth too.
The skill to maintain a centre of excellence for the pursuit of higher studies in nursing and act as a base shelter for the contemporary and future needs of new developments.
The capacity of keeping a calm, serene, smiling and sound temperament even on provocation.
The habit of punctuality in all activities.

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